Senior Non-Key Business Development Experts – Based in Malatya /BP & Cluster & Foreign Trade & HR (Ref: DALWE-SNKEBD001)

GOPA Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. Malatya
Business Development Consultant
Tam Zamanlı
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Senior Non-Key Business Development Experts – Based in Malatya /BP & Cluster & Foreign Trade & HR


The overall objective of Technical Assistance for Establishment of “Malatya Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse and Exchange” DALWE is to contribute to the socio- economic development of Malatya. This relates to the development of the Malatya province from a socio-economic point of view based on the establishment of a dried apricot licensed warehouse, with a focus on enhancing competitiveness of the dried apricot sector.

The purposes of the technical assistance are: to establish and develop the institutional capacity of DALWE and Authorized Classifier Laboratory (ACL) to deliver value to the local economy in a financial and institutional manner, to improve competitiveness of the Malatya dried apricot market, and to develop capacity of target groups to benefit from DALWE and ACL. A strong focus on competitiveness is essential if the socio-economic development of the province is to happen internally rather than from outside of the province.


GOPA Danışmanlık will be hiring Business Development & Cluster & HR Non-Key expert team of 5 to work in the activities of Management Structure, Operational Plan (Services), Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, and Investment Plan of the “Malatya Dried Apricot Licensed Warehouse and Exchange” 

Required qualifications and expertise:      

Educational Background:

•University qualifications/Bachelor’s and/or higher degree

General Qualifications:

•At least 7 years of experience after obtaining bachelor’s degree

Specific Qualifications:

•Proven experience in value chain analysis and drafting cluster reports

•Experience in market research and foreign trade analysis


Details of the assignment:

•To coordinate and take part in the implementation of the following activities:

•Promote competitiveness of the Malatya dried apricots and facilitate cooperation among the target groups 

•Conduct analysis to understand the potential of Malatya dried apricot cluster

•Conduct site visits to national clusters.

•Need assessment, design and conducting training for capacity building, entrepreneurship, and skills development in Cluster development at Malatya.


Expected outputs:

In collaboration with other members of the TAT, the Expert will prepare and deliver:

•Provincial market research formulation methodology and Cluster/BP development methodology. 

•ERA/MAKLİDAŞ Capacity Building and Training Plan (research, business development/implementation and (MAPA) monitoring & evaluation and business plan development,).

•Needs analysis/evaluation of the apricot sector situation in 11 districts.

•Need assessment report for the CB in Cluster development.

•Development of MAKLİDAŞ consolidated business plan, priorities, implementation plan and strategic marketing plan


Number of experts to be hired: 5



How to apply:

Interested candidates are requested to submit their application including the most recent CV (EU format) with contact details with the reference code DALWE-SNKEBD001 to by the end of 15th of February 2023. Shortlisted candidates will be called for an online interview.

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