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Tam Zamanlı
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NEEDS MAP is looking for a dynamic and experienced " Project Associate who will support the work of the institution. The Project Associate will work closely with various teams within the organization and the executive director and communicate with stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.




  • Assist in overseeing a variety of recovery and development projects.
  • Execute project activities and collaborate with diverse stakeholders, including local communities and government bodies.
  • Support logistical operations, including procurement, travel arrangements, and event coordination.
  • Foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment conducive to innovation.
  • Establish and nurture relationships with key stakeholders, such as donors, government officials, and community leaders.
  • Provide regular updates to stakeholders regarding project progress and challenges.
  • Organize stakeholder meetings and workshops to gather input and foster partnerships.




  • A Master's degree in social sciences or related fields is preferred.
  • A Bachelor's degree in relevant areas such as social sciences is required.
  • Minimum of three years of progressive experience in administrative coordination or project management, nationally or internationally.
  • Proficiency in basic Microsoft Office applications is essential.
  • Previous experience with international agencies/missions, NGOs/INGOs, or governmental organizations is advantageous.
  • Prior experience in international settings and disaster areas is beneficial.
  • Background in development organizations or working with refugees and migration-related fields is desirable.
  • Proficiency in both English and Turkish is required.


INOGAR is a social non-profit cooperative established in 2018 with the objective to organize resources for social change and economic independence. INOGAR’s main areas of work include: advancing socio-economic studies, empowering disadvantaged groups through livelihood innovations and income generation, helping eradicate poverty through Fair Trade, and contributing to the development of corporate capacities of social cooperatives. INOGAR has contributed to designing and conducting various entrepreneurship and cooperative training programmes for the capacity building of refugees and vulnerable host community members in Turkey.
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