Logistic & Procurement Officer (Ref: LGSTS-001)

Association of Detainees and Missing in Sednaya Prison Gaziantep
Logistics & Procurement Officer
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
İngilizce (B2, Level 4, Intermediate ),Arapça (C2, Level 6, Advanced),Türkçe (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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Procurement & Logistic Officer                                                                             

Supervisor Position:                                     

Finance Manager



Job Schedule

Full Time

Duration of Initial Contract:

1 years initially (Extendable)



Association of Detainees and The Missing in Sednaya Prison, aka (ADMSP), was established in 2017 as an association for survivors, victims, and their families. ADMSP seeks to uncover the truth and to achieve justice for those detained in Syria, also works to expose the fate of the missing and forcibly disappeared persons in the Sednaya Prison and Syria overall by documenting the numbers, geographic locations, date of disappearance, detention-related violations, and the alleged party responsible for the arrest of detainees and disappeared persons.

Through ADMSP’s family center, rehabilitation services focused on psychological health are delivered to survivors of torture, war, violence, or other human rights violations and conflict-related crimes.

ADMSP strives to promote recognition of the harm suffered by detainees, truth-seeking, accountability, designating the fate of the missing, and reparations for victims and survivors as asserted by international human rights and humanitarian law.



Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Finance Manager, provide procurement, logistic, and administrative support for ADMSP operations and programming, including management of procurement, inventory, and travel of ADMSP personnel, project's steering committee, and visitors.

Implement all procurement activities based on the ADMSP’s policies and guidelines, considering the suitable quality, price, and time, besides ensuring compliance with donor requirements, government rules, and regulations.

Communicate and negotiate with suppliers, format, and update the database of suppliers & materials and the necessary work reports periodically.

Explain and clarify the operation procedures for all relevant staff.

This project mandates maximal flexibility, honesty & transparency, patience with formalities, long hours, and creative thinking.


Key responsibilities & Duties:

  • Implement the processes of purchasing supplies, materials, equipment, and goods needed for offices, worksites, and projects by the ADMSP’s policies & procedures.
  • Follow up & update the list of materials periodically including technical specifications and estimated prices.
  • Update the supplier list and support the procurement Committee with the justifications and necessary documents for their evaluation by following up on the local market study of " the resources used in the implementation of activities”, ensuring the availability of goods and the estimated cost for them, and providing the program management with all the support required during the study of projects and submitting suggests.
  • Coordinate with the project manager to develop the procurement plan based on the activities plan of the project. Upon which the purchase orders are prepared.
  • Ensure the supply of services, supplies, cars, materials, and activities at the required time, at the best price, at the required quality, and in the right place.
  • Preparing purchase orders (within purchase thresholds) according to ADMSP’s policy and donor’s requirements.
  • Preparing the Bid announcement in coordination with the requesting project according to the ADMSP’s procurement policy then asking the media department for publication after obtaining the required approvals and following up on receiving the tender envelopes from the suppliers based on the specified terms in the procurement policy.
  • Preparing the competitive bid analysis report and following up with the awarded bidder in coordination with the Bid opening Committee.
  • Prepare the purchase orders, complete the required approval, and prepare the purchase contracts and any lease or procurement transactions.
  • Follow up and refund on the performance security, if any, for the suppliers after the completion of all supply processes, receiving of the supporting documents, and the end of the warranty period.
  • Preparing the payment claim to the suppliers, attached with all the supporting documents, after the compliance officer's approval, then follow up on the payments with the finance department.
  • Archive all procurement documents according to the budget line or the donor's requirements, in electronic and paper form.
  • Comprise in developing and updating the ADMSP’s procurement policies, procedures and forms on an ongoing basis.
  • Maintain warehouse, office inventory database and existing complete information system that produce reports and provides accountability for inventory management, replacement, transportation, procurement, disposal, and total control of every aspect of handling, storage, and warehouse operations.
  • Coordinate with all relevant departments to prepare & submit the periodic, on-demand, and final reports.


Accountability and compliance  

  • Be sure all procurement procedures are documented transparently based on the ADMSP’s policies, which include purchase orders, supplier lists, quotations, competitive bid analysis, and purchase reports.
  • Confidentiality and no leakage of any information that is not allowed to be published.
  • Full coordination with the compliance officer and the legal officer, to be all documents conform to ADMSP's policy, donor policy, government rules, and regulations.



Participating in the Bid Opening Committee as a facilitator, ensuring that the tender committee adheres to the terms and procedures based on the ADMSP's policy. Through the following:

  • Coordination with the Bid opening Committees and arranging its dates.
  • Coordination with the requested project to prepare the criteria for rejection and acceptance by the ADMSP’s policy.
  • Coordination for the meeting of the Bid Committee.
  • Clarify the policies and procedures related to the bid opening for either suppliers or committee members.
  • Monitoring the progress of bid opening and ensuring all procedures are completed.
  • Prepare the bid opening report and complete all required signatures and documents. 


Reporting & Communication  

  • Submit the periodic reports to Finance manager.
  • Help the Finance Department to combine and send all Logistic & Procurement reports to ADMSP’s management and Donors
  • Communicate with the project manager to implement the procurement process perfectly.
  • Close work with the team to implement all procurement & delivery transactions within the specified date & location.



A.Functional Competencies:

  1. Able to prioritize, communicate effectively, and meet deadlines.
  2. Good project management skills.
  3. Willingness to travel and work extensively – sometimes at short notice, in difficult places and under long hours – according to a results-based approach.
  4. Is well-versed in state and relevant laws and regulations that have an impact and are applied to procurement and logistic controls.
  5. Able to work independently and within a team.
  6. Diligent in work processes.
  7. Flexible in schedule, attitude and work prioritization.
  8. Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines promptly.

B.Core Competencies:

  1. Demonstrating/safeguarding ethics and integrity.
  2. Self-development, initiative-taking.
  3. Acting as a team-player and teamwork.
  4. Facilitating and encouraging open communication in the team, communicating effectively.
  5. Informed and transparent decision-making.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree, major in Business Administration, logistic or any relevant Field.
  • Experience: At least 3 years of relevant and proven experience in the technical field, including (2 years in the field of humanitarian organizations) Or institute certificate plus six years’ experience in the technical field, including (4 years in the field of humanitarian organizations).
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google software, particularly Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, MS Word and MS Excel.
  • Language Requirements: Turkish and Arabic business proficiency level, English: Intermedite 
  • Turkish citizenship is mandatory.


General Conditions:

  • Maintain neutrality regarding any sensitive issues such as religion, minority, gender, or political affiliation.
  • Is strictly committed to respecting ADMSP’s confidentiality policy and to not using any information that s/he will know outside of ADMSP.
  • It is our shared responsibility and obligation to prevent matters involving Sexual Exploitation & Abuse, Trafficking in Persons, Child Safeguarding, and any suggested violation to ADMSP’s Code of Conduct, which may involve Conflicts of Interest, Corruption or Harassment. If you see, hear, or are made aware of any suggested activities then you have an obligation to report.


How to apply:

  • Please submit your application before July 8, 2022 on  https://forms.gle/gg58Y1HDXNc7RVDs9
  • Reference Code: LGSTS-001                                              
  • Only candidates who have been selected for shortlisting "an interview" will be contacted.
  • Applications by email will NOT be considered.

NB: Females are strongly encouraged to apply.

Association of Detainees and Missing in Sednaya Prison

The Association of Detainees and the Missing in Sednaya Prison (ADMSP) seeks to reveal the truth about, and bring justice to, those detained on the basis of political opinions or activities. It strives to uncover the fates of missing and forcibly disappeared persons in Syria in general, and those in the infamous Sednaya Prison in particular

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