Legal Intern

Minerva İş Dünyası ve İnsan Hakları Derneği İstanbul
Tam Zamanlı
İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 960


İlan Detayları

Who We Are?

Minerva BHR is a non-governmental organization located in Istanbul, which brings together a number of highly qualified and experienced experts, distinguished lawyers and academicians in the field of business and human rights and complementary areas. As a pioneer on this field in Turkey, Minerva BHR aims to become an NGO that contributes to promoting responsible business conduct, combatting against modern slavery and advocating for corporate responsibility to respect human rights throughout their operations. Minerva BHR’s main objective, in the light of UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, is to prevent, mitigate or remedy human rights violations arising from business operations, especially those within global supply chains. To this end, Minerva BHR aims to keep an arms’ length distance to all stakeholders in order to develop and implement viable, feasible and practical solutions that benefit the society while facilitating a dialogue between all public, private and civil actors with the mission of improving lives of people while eradicating exploitation as well as human rights abuses linked to business activities.

With a particular focus on modern slavery, child labour, diversity, equity and inclusion, forced labour and human trafficking, youth employment, access to remediation, occupational health and safety, migrant workers, climate change and clean environment, union rights at work, COVID-19 impact, conflict affected and high risk areas, technology and living wage workers; Minerva BHR contributes to the arena by engaging in capacity building, human rights due diligence, as well as awareness raising to close regulatory gap and human rights trainings.

Role and Responsibilities

As a Legal Intern, you will:

  • Research and evaluate companies’ human rights policies, practices and reporting,

  • Assist with writing reports, blogs, articles, and social media posts on BHR updates and outcomes of

    Minerva BHR’s research,

  • Conduct human rights risk analysis on the field, conduct FGDs, KIIs, collect data and assist with data

    analysis and risk assessment reporting.

Ideally, we are looking for someone who:

  • is fluent in Turkish and English with excellent writing and speaking skills,
  • has a bachelor’s degree in law and preferably at the beginning of her/his legal internship, - is interested in corporate law and human rights law,
  • has proven research skills,
  • is prepared to travel to conduct field work,
  • is enthusiastic, practical minded, and good-humoured,
  • has professional work attitude and desire to get the job done,
  • understands that this will not be always a nine to five job,
  • can take initiative, work independently and handle time pressure when needed.

We offer:

  • A fun and challenging position in a dynamic and young organization determined on promoting corporate responsibility to respect human rights in Turkey,

  • Field work experience with travel opportunities and training possibilities.


To apply for this position, send us a letter of maximum one page focusing on your motivation for wanting to join Minerva BHR.
Add an up-to-date CV, cover letter plus a few recent writing samples.
Submit your application to: with “Application – Legal Intern” in the subject of line of your mail.


Minerva İş Dünyası ve İnsan Hakları Derneği

Minerva İş Dünyası ve İnsan Hakları Derneği, Türkiye’de iş dünyası ve insan hakları alanını ana odağı yapan ilk sivil toplum kuruluşudur. Minerva, daha eşitlikçi ve kapsayıcı bir toplum yaratmak amacıyla daha fazla olumlu etki sağlamak için; kamu kişileri ve uluslararası kuruluşların yanı sıra iş dünyası, finans ve sivil toplum aktörleriyle birlikte çalışmaktadır.
Minerva'nın ana misyonu, Birleşmiş Milletler İş Dünyası ve İnsan Hakları Rehber İlkeleri ışığında, sorumlu işletme davranışını teşvik etme ve tedarik zincirlerindeki modern kölelikle mücadele etmektir. Minerva, insan haklarına saygı gösterilmesine ilişkin şirket sorumluluğunun oluşturulmasını savunmaktadır. Bu amaçla, uluslararası en iyi uygulamalardan edindiği yerel bilgi birikimini kullanarak tüm kamu, özel ve sivil aktörler arasında bir diyalog kurarken; uygulanabilir, elverişli ve pratik çözümler geliştirmek ve uygulamak için tüm paydaşlarla birlikte çalışmayı amaçlamaktadır.

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