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Terms of ReferENce for Consultancy


External consultant for ECHO proposal writing



Name and title of the requester: DDD- Turkey

DATE: 14.08.2020

LOCATION: Home office

  1. Introduction

DDD is looking for an independant consultant to write an ECHO proposal for Turkey programme development; the main topics are psychosocial work with refugees, protection, family and children assessment and intervention, reflecting groups and protection based needs.


       2. Background

 Dünya Doktorları Derneği (DDD) is a Turkish-based humanitarian non-governmental organization that provides health and mental health care services for populations affected by armed conflict, violence, natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty and exclusion. DDD collaborates with partners and key stakeholders to implement projects that facilitate access to primary and secondary-level healthcare services to respond to the medical needs of the displaced population. DDD is the 16th member of the Doctors of the World-Médecins du Monde- International Network that is committed to meeting the health needs of vulnerable people globally. 


        3. Purpose and Coverage

The main aim of this consultancy is to prepare an adequate offer in line with DDD strategic approach in Protection meeting the needs of the most vulnerable refugees and migrants living in urban and rural areas of Turkey. The offer needs to reflect the requirements as per the rules and guidelines of the donor (ECHO).


      4. Methodology and scope of work

Under the content of the consultancy scope and in close co-operation with the team in the field will implement the following tasks:

 The service provider is obliged to provide the following deliverables to DDD:

  1. Review all donor guidelines and instructions to ensure the proposal is developed in full alignment with donor expectations, formats and regulations; Review as well recent winning proposals submitted by CARE to ECHO as examples of high quality proposals and budgets;
  2. Coordinate with DDD Program and support teams in order to collect all necessary inputs, annexes and contributions to consolidate the HIP Turkey 2020 project proposal
  3. Review all key documents shared by DDD and research & review additional relevant documents & information (e.g. sitreps, 3RP document, Echo HIP2020, reports, etc)

and any other potential relevant technical sectoral guidelines to be building on and referring to into the proposal;

       4.Write the proposal and all required annexes as per donor formats and requirements. A specific calendar will be developed once the consultant is contracted. The calendar will specify deadlines for draft 1, draft 2 and final drafts with sufficient time for review and feedback by the DDD and MDM France team

       5.Provide last minutes corrections to the HIP Turkey 2020 project proposal in liaison with MdM France

       6.Deliver 1 project proposal in ECHO format with all annexes and supporting documents ready for submission on APPEL system by 16 September 2020

       7.Provide all necessary corrections and modification to the project proposal according to ECHO feedbacks and requests (to be scheduled according to ECHOs calendar)

The scope of work may need to be updated according to the request and requirements of ECHO. the development of this proposal, DDD requires that the consultant will coordinate with technical staff from DDD Turkey. All the necessary primary data required at the design stage and in the proposal will be provided by DDD. However, the consultant will be required to support with secondary data as much as possible.

The expected outcome: Final proposal with all annexes as per donor requirements and incorporating feedback from DDD Turkey is completed and shared with MdM France by 9 th of September 2020 to be submitted to the donor by 16 September 2020 CoB.


6. Duration and time frame


The consultancy is expected to last for a max of 15 to 18 days, negotiable (to be finally concluded after having received the consultant’s budget and offer) and divided as follows:

Initial literature review (including research of key documents)

Writing proposal and budget

The consultancy is expected to start ASAP and end by 9th September 2020 (submission deadline to DDD)




7. Consultancy Competencies, Experience and Skill Requirements

  • Master’s Degree in International development, or a related higher degree
  • A minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience related to humanitarian proposal development, withclear understanding of the humanitarian architecture
  • At least three (3) similar assignments related to the preparation, formulation and development or management of emergency response programme within the last two (2) years.
  • Have a strong and practical understanding of ECHO’spolicies
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the use of the latest version of ECHO Single Form including use of KRI and KOI
  • Experience in at least two of the following sectors is required: Protection, psychosocial support, GBV and gender inemergency, health
  • Previous experience in the context of Turkey and Syria refugee response will be considered an asset
  • Very good English writing skills

Dünya Doktorları Derneği

Dünya Doktorları Dernegi (DDD) is a Turkish based humanitarian, impartial and independent organization based in Turkey, facilitating access to health care to populations affected by armed conflicts, internal violence, natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty or exclusion.
DDD in Turkey, in collaboration with different partners, is running a project aiming at facilitating access and orienting beneficiaries to primary and secondary level of health care services, providing Psycho Social Support for the refugees and migrants in Turkey.
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