Human Resource Officer (Ref: HR-001)

Association of Detainees and Missing in Sednaya Prison Gaziantep
Human Resources Officer
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
Arapça (C2, Level 6, Advanced),İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced),Türkçe (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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Human Resource Officer                                                                         

Supervisor Position:                                     

Human Resource Manager



Job Schedule

Full Time

Duration of Initial Contract:

1 years initially (Extendable)                                                                                



Association of Detainees and The Missing in Sednaya Prison, aka (ADMSP), was established in 2017 as an association for survivors, victims, and their families. ADMSP seeks to uncover the truth and to achieve justice for those detained in Syria, also works to expose the fate of the missing and forcibly disappeared persons in the Sednaya Prison and Syria overall by documenting the numbers, geographic locations, date of disappearance, detention-related violations, and the alleged party responsible for the arrest of detainees and disappeared persons.

Through ADMSP’s family center, rehabilitation services focused on psychological health are delivered to survivors of torture, war, violence, or other human rights violations and conflict-related crimes.

ADMSP strives to promote recognition of the harm suffered by detainees, truth-seeking, accountability, designating the fate of the missing, and reparations for victims and survivors as asserted by international human rights and humanitarian law.



Under the direct supervision of the HR & Administration Manager, the HR & Admin Officer will provide support in executing the full range of HR services (recruitment, personnel, HR administration., etc.), ensuring their transparency and integrity and ensure execution of transparent and efficient HR policies in the ADMSP. 


Key responsibilities & Duties:


  • Carry out all procedures related to the recruitment and selection process in coordination with the HR manager and requesting department for positions up to Senior Officer level (for both Turkish and English speakers).
  • Prepare vacancy announcements, and document the vacancy announcement
  • Screening resumes and long-listing pre-selected candidates in coordinating with the interview committee.
  • participate in preparing procedures for written tests and interviews.
  • Scheduling interviews and tests
  • Participates in the reference check process
  • Runs background checks following the ADMSP's defined procedures.
  • Prepares Offer letters.
  • Design the job description in coordination with the relevant departments and ensure that all employees sign their job descriptions and save them within the employee's file.
  • Follow up on the completion of all recruitment procedures from the signature of the new employee or whose status has changed on the contract and all required policies and declarations.
  • Participate in the process of orienting the new employee and introducing him/her to the work atmosphere and securing his/her work requirements.


  • Support in preparing Turkish contracts and Syrian staff contracts as well renewals and amendments.
  • Inform the external accountant whenever the SGK must be activated or deactivated for any staff member.
  • Fully lead the Work Permit (WP) application process for foreign staff (whether Syrian or Expats) engaging the staff in the collection of the documentation, updating the tracker, getting in touch with the Turkish officials, as well as coordinating the WP application process with the external consultant.
  • Create an archiving system for HR files and miniating files up to date.
  • Prepare all HR PRs including but not limited to (WP, business cards, language courses, O&S, Language courses, etc.)
  • Act as an ADMSP focal point for ISKUR with all related processes.
  • Follow up the process of attendance and departure, documentation of vacations, and follow-up according to HR’s policies.
  • In collaboration with the finance department, prepares the payroll and revises it, and ensures that all calculations and payments are done accordingly
  • Organizing the procedures for managing meetings according to the request of the human resources manager, documenting the minutes of the meetings, preparing the necessary administrative resolutions, and sharing them with the relevant Staff.
  • Follow up on the implementation of all policies, procedures, and administrative resolutions related to the work of staff and receive administrative updates on an ongoing basis and apply them to the payroll.
  • Follow-up termination procedures, applying all procedures that ensure a smooth and positive transition for departing employees, completing their signature on the clearance and financial approval, and following up on granting them their rights and due compensation in accordance with the organization's manual.

       Performance Management

  • Providing support and assistance to department managers and supervisors in the process of managing and evaluating performance and providing appropriate forms and guidance to ensure that the process is implemented in a transparent, fair, and just manner for all employees of the organization.
  • To be the main point of contact for human resources-related inquiries and follow up on employee complaints, grievances, and other issues that concern them with the HR Manager.
  • Assist in the development of supportive action plans for employee welfare as part of the comprehensive annual work plan of the ADMSP and ensure a comprehensive approach to support employee well-being, morale, and social, physical, and psychological well-being.
  • Provide support to the HR Manager in maintaining a healthy, medium, and stimulating work environment that encourages open and honest communication and assistance between management and staff between them and generates a high sense of occasion in the work community and strives to develop the work of the organization.
  • Follow up the application of occupational safety and security procedures in the work environment of the organization and monitor the application of all employees to the rules of security and safety in the workplace and all procedures and local laws and provide appropriate guidance to employees.
  1. Development &Training
  • Follow up on the implementation of the plan to develop and qualify the organization's new employees, apply the procedures for monitoring training programs and their impact on employees, and submit the necessary proposals to develop the training plan.
  • Submitting the necessary proposals regarding the implementation of the succession strategy.
  • Follow up training courses with donors or specified by the Human Resources Department related to work and everything that develops staff performance.


  • Keep a healthy and updated relationship with Turkish authorities regarding Turkish Labor issues and updates.
  • Follow up on any news, updates, and information from the Turkish authorities having an HR impact (following the Official Gazette, updates from the Ministry of Labor, etc.).


  • Submit wages statement and all administrative updates monthly, no later than the first day of the new month, to the HR manager. Preparing the necessary reports for the HR manager in the event of violations or overlapping of powers in the implementation or signature processes, because of lack of correct interpretation or lack of clear understanding of the structure or procedures.
  • Follow-up cases of violations of policies, code of conduct, cases of abuse, sexual exploitation or child abuse, and complaints, and submit reports about them to the HR manager.



  • This position demands a dynamic individual with a demonstrated ability to contribute to achieving results in a demanding and fast-paced environment.
  • Good administration skills with strong attention to detail and the ability to multi-task
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Ability to analyze problems and provide systematic solutions in line with established policies/procedures.
  • Strong organizational and managerial skills.
  • Experience in the field of auditing, follow-up, and compliance with quality and compliance standards.
  1. High skill in communication, organization, negotiation, problem-solving, conflict management and conflicting perspectives, and the ability to deal with multiple cultures.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree, major in Business Administration, HR and Administration, law, humanities, or a related field or any relevant field.
  • Experience: At least 3 years of relevant and proven experience in human resources, preferably in civil society organizations.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google software, particularly Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, MS Word, and MS Excel.
  • Experience in handling web-based management systems.
  • Deep knowledge of the Turkish labor code.
  • Language Requirements: English, Turkish, and Arabic business proficiency levels.


Other requests:

  • Turkish citizenship is mandatory.                                                                                                                        
  • Gender: Female is preferred.


General Conditions:

  • Maintain neutrality regarding any sensitive issues such as religion, minority, gender, or political affiliation.
  • Is strictly committed to respecting ADMSP’s confidentiality policy and to not using any information that s/he will know outside of ADMSP.
  • It is our shared responsibility and obligation to prevent matters involving Sexual Exploitation & Abuse, Trafficking in Persons, Child Safeguarding, and any suggested violation to ADMSP’s Code of Conduct, which may involve Conflicts of Interest, Corruption or Harassment. If you see, hear, or are made aware of any suggested activities then you have an obligation to report.


How to apply:

  • Please submit your application before July 8, 2022 on
  • Reference Code: HR-001                                              
  • Only candidates who have been selected for shortlisting "an interview" will be contacted.                                   
  • Applications by email will NOT be considered.

NB: Females are strongly encouraged to apply.

Association of Detainees and Missing in Sednaya Prison

The Association of Detainees and the Missing in Sednaya Prison (ADMSP) seeks to reveal the truth about, and bring justice to, those detained on the basis of political opinions or activities. It strives to uncover the fates of missing and forcibly disappeared persons in Syria in general, and those in the infamous Sednaya Prison in particular

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