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Gülümseme ve Zeytin Yardimlaşma ve Dayanişma Derneği (Basmeh and Zeitooneh) Gaziantep
Head of Programs
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
Arapça (C2, Level 6, Advanced),İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
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İlan Detayları

Job code: 2309GZTP02


Gülümseme ve Zeytin Yardimlaşma ve Dayanişma Derneği (Basmah and Zeitoonah) is a non-governmental, non-profit civil society organization that has been supporting the most marginalized, desperate, and affected people since 2014. From the beginning, GvZ believes that its role is to create ways to empower those affected by developing their skills and reviving their sense of humanity and dignity. Through its community centers, GvZ provides women, youth, and marginalized groups with various humanitarian services such as relief aid, protection, education programs, and communication with other humanitarian actors on advocating for essential issues to bring to light. To this end, GvZ strives to continue honing people's skills to participate in peacebuilding and actively advocate for a democracy that reflects a diverse and socially connected society.

2. Purpose:

The Head Of Programs is responsible for ensuring the implementation of programmatic strategy in the Northwest region of Syria and Turkey, developing programs strategy,  ensuring quality implementation of the programs, healthy partners, and donors relations. 

3. Responsibilities:

  1. Along with the Turkey office team develop the country strategy based on the context and needs assessments conducted, and in line with the HQ Strategy and guidance.
  2. Leads the program\project managers team for the development of new project\programs ideas for new or existing programs in consultation and the support of the regional technical managers and the CDO.
  3. Responsible for providing the relevant information for proposal development and funding acquisition process  for Turkey and NW Syria operation.
  4. Oversees and supports the grants and program manager in  submitting grant proposals to international grant-making organizations, partners and donors.   
  5. Attends donors’ meetings as necessary. 
  6. Attends in-country coordination meetings with UN agencies, local authorities, and any existing coordination mechanism in the sector.
  7. Leads the effort for developing the relevant applications to  secure funding to respond to emergency situations with the support of the HQ. 
  8. Supervises country program managers, validating the suitability, relevance and feasibility of the programs and the approaches,with the support of the regional technical managers.
  9. Accountable for the program implementation outcomes.
  10. Responsible for maintaining a high level coordination with the legal representative of the organization and the legal team to ensure compliance with the Turkish Government regulation.
  11. Oversees and supports the grants and partnership team with  the kick-off meetings, in which new program as/projects are handed out to the implementation team.
  12. High level coordination with the country team in developing and executing programs.
  13. Approves NW Syria\ Turkey programs budget.   
  14. Consolidates from program managers and the support of the operations manager and the supervision of the CD, the country implementation plan based on the country strategy
  15. Provides assistance to direct reports in resolution of important operational issues.
  16. Attends meetings with the development department as necessary.
  17. Attends meetings with the country team as necessary

4. Qualifications:

  1. Hold a bachelor's degree in Business Administration (MBA) or a relevant bachelor's degree,NGO management
  2. Post-graduate degree(s) in relevant fields will be considered an added value to the candidate’s application.
  3. At least three years experience in NGO, humanitarian, and development sectors in Turkey, Northwest Syria (or the Middle East). Candidates with experience in Protection, Food Security and Livelihoods, Education, and Social Stability will be given priority.
  4. Flexibility to travel within the region as and when required will be considered an added value to the candidate’s application.

5. Competencies:(Key Skills, Behaviors and Knowledge):


  • Strategic thinking
  • Programmatic knowledge
  • Strong understanding in financial management and projections


  • Team player
  • Team Leader
  • Diplomatic approach
  • Great communication skills, written and verbal

6. Reporting:

Direct reporting: to CEO

7. People Management

Manages the grants and partnership coordinator, the projects managers, and communication personnel in Turkey office

8. Application Process:
If you meet the required qualifications and conditions, we kindly request you to submit your electronic application including your CV through the following link: Application Form. or by clicking on the Application button above. 

9. Deadline:
The deadline for submitting applications is before 30.11.2023.
GvZ is an equal-opportunity employer. Women and individuals from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

For inquiries about this application process, please contact info@gvz-tur.org 

Gülümseme ve Zeytin Yardimlaşma ve Dayanişma Derneği (Basmeh and Zeitooneh)

Gülümseme ve Zeytin Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Derneği (GvZ) is a non-profit, non-governmental civil society organization dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable and marginalized affected by the conflict in Syria. From its inception, GvZ has been committed to empowering those impacted by the conflict, fostering skill development, and restoring their sense of humanity and dignity.
Through its community centers, GvZ offers a wide range of humanitarian services to women, youth, and marginalized groups, including relief aid, protection, educational programs, and collaboration with other humanitarian entities to advocate for critical issues. GvZ's primary goal is to enhance the capabilities of Syrians, enabling them to actively engage in the peacebuilding process and advocate for a diverse yet socially cohesive democratic society in Syria.

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