Hatay Saha Koordinatörü (Ref: Hatay Saha Koordinatörü)

Sevgi ve Kardeşlik Vakfı Hatay
Saha Koordinatörü
Doktora,Yüksek Lisans,Üniversite
Tam Zamanlı 4-9
Arapça (C1, Level 5, Upper Intermediate),İngilizce (C1, Level 5, Upper Intermediate),İngilizce (C2, Level 6, Advanced)
Bu ilan yayından kaldırılmış Görüntülenme : 2232


İlan Detayları

Announcement Details

Title: Hatay Field Coordinator

Reporting: Program Coordinator, General Coordinator

Country/ City: Hatay / Türkiye

The Sevgi and Kardeşlik Vakfı (Charity and Solidarity Foundation) aims to provide assistance to all people who need help without any discrimination, who are in economic and social difficulties, who are poor, elderly, disabled, orphaned, sick, children, immigrants, refugees, who have been damaged, victimized, and put in a difficult situation in natural disasters, wars and other social disasters, wherever they are in the world; to provide legal, educational, health, occupational training, social and economic support services or access to these services; to work for social development, improvement, peace, progress and sustainable development, poverty alleviation, healthy and environmentally sensitive decent living spaces and to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the disadvantaged groups mentioned above. Since 2015, it has been working for refugees and migrants in Istanbul and Hatay.

Job Description

The Field Coordinator will be responsible for the field level management of SEVKAR's activities in Hatay within the scope of the basic needs and protection project planned to be implemented in Hatay-Kırıkhan and its surrounding districts and villages. In addition to this task, the Field Coordinator will ensure that individuals and local and national stakeholders, institutions and organizations in the area(s) covered by the project are informed about SEVKAR project activities and humanitarian assistance activities. The field coordinator should be able to lead the team in all activities in Hatay, plan, monitor and coordinate the field workflow. They should have the necessary maturity to work with field teams in challenging field conditions.  They should also have strong organizational skills and experience in setting priorities within the framework of objectives and be able to work without close supervision.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Hatay Field Operations Management/Reporting: 

  • To manage all activities and works carried out in Hatay field

  • To represent SEVKAR Foundation in Hatay, in the region and in earthquake-related meetings,

  • To assist in the recruitment of employees who will work in the field they are responsible for, to introduce the work area, duties and responsibilities

  • To obtain daily, weekly and monthly reports from the employees working in the field for which he/she is responsible, to compile them and to submit them to the Program Coordinator

  • To ensure coordination among the employees working in the relevant units, to make a work plan, to organise meetings and to convey the decisions taken to the Program Coordinator

  • To map the work and services of other stakeholder institutions and organizations operating in the field and share them regularly

  • To accompany the activities at certain intervals to follow up on the satisfaction of project beneficiaries for performance evaluation purposes

  • To monitor local, regional and country-wide developments and needs in access to basic needs and social rights of refugees and local communities in Hatay field 

Requested Qualifications

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree (Master's and PhD degrees in migration and CSO management are preferred)

  • At least 3 years of work experience in a relevant role in national or international non-governmental organizations Full competence in written and spoken English/Turkish languages

  • To have knowledge of project management and reporting

  • Proficiency in using MS Windows and MS Office Packages (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) 

  • Preferably experience working with migrant communities, vulnerable groups and on disaster


Personal Skills

  • Respecting individual and cultural differences and encouraging participation

  • Honesty and transparency; upholding high ethical standards and compliance with corporate principles/code of conduct

  • Professionality; the ability to work alone and with determination and to make careful decisions to meet daily challenges

  • Teamwork; developing and promoting effective cooperation within the team in order to achieve common goals and best results

  • Result and service-oriented work; producing timely and quality results

  • Managing and sharing knowledge; continuous learning, sharing knowledge and pursuing innovation

  • Accountability; fulfilling SEVKAR Foundation's priorities on transparency and taking responsibility within the framework of its business area

  • Communication; encourage and contribute to open and accurate communication; explain complex issues in an informative and patient manner

  • Ability to work in flexible and changing contexts and adapt to unexpected situations

  • Measurable analytical thinking and organizational skills  


Applications should include a resume (CV), cover letter and references. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted during the application evaluation process.  

Please send your application and related documents to basvuru@sevgivekardeslikvakfi.org.tr with the code 'HFC-2' until 22.12.2023.