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İlan Detayları

Position: Driver (PT Center) PRF-2201-01004- 261

Job Location: Gaziantep, Turkey

Reporting to: Administrative Officer

Working area: Gaziantep, Turkey

Number of positions open: 1

Last date for application: July 4th, 2022


Key relationships: Office Staff and Patients

General objective of the position:

Transporting patients with disabilities to and from the physiotherapy center in Gaziantep and helping with the center requirements or any logistical tasks inside Turkey.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

• Drive center vehicle to perform assigned transportation plans on daily basis with assuring not to exceed speed limit and to take into consideration the precautionary road signs and apply safety instruction.

• Keep track of vehicle log, and the tasks lists, records of fuel, oils, maintenance and related invoices.

• Ensure car safety, by continual checking for cooling system, water level, tires condition, spare parts and spare tire, oil level, fire extinguisher, and availability of the crane and car kit, monitoring the car battery and its condition regarding the liquids and its poles, and checking car lights, and make periodic technical inspection of the vehicle, and make sure the readiness of the car.

• Follow up on licenses validity, car sigurta, car rent issues and renewing them when needed.

• Ensure the car is always filled with diesel and ready.

• Apply the safety and security instructions.

• Follow up with car cleanliness.

• Report to the immediate manager in case of any defect.

• Maintain the overall appearance.

• Follow all health and safety regulations.

• Keeping driving license valid all the time.

• Follow up on some logistics issues commissioned by his Direct Manager.

• Perform any assigned tasks by his Direct Manager and in the scope of the Administrative Department tasks.

• Provide the Direct Manager daily with updates and tasks results.

• Other tasks as requested by Immediate Manager.

Office culture

• Promote and model a positive, professional and respectful office culture.

• Ensure effective internal communications.


Mandatory Qualifications required:

• Valid D1 Driving license.

• High School certificate or any relevant education background.

• Desirable 5 years’ experience as Driver, Bus Drivers, School or Special Client Driver.


• Advanced written and spoken in Turkish

• Intermediate written and spoken Arabic


• Microsoft Office (Word – Excel)


The salary will be defined regarding the SAMS Turkey Office salary scale on-going.

Interested candidates may please send their resume and fill the application in the following link:

Syrian American Medical Society Foundation

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