Business Development Counselor (Ref: REF0208)

YSYD Kahramanmaraş
Business Development Consultant
Tam Zamanlı 1-3
İngilizce (B1, Level 3, Pre-Intermediate )
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İlan Detayları


Business Development Counselor

Place of Duty:

Kahramanmaraş (Turkey)

Reporting to:

a) Responsible Positions: TBN

b) Supervisor: Project Manager

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  1. About YSYD


Our Association has the vision of establishing a dignified and equal life with the slogan of "share the goodness" for the people and groups with high levels of vulnerability affected by natural and/or human-made disasters. YSYD, together with the affected population, recognizes, protects, develops and represents the importance of the concept of solidarity in the field, and is committed to always reflecting the unique value of any practice woven among all connotations of the concept of solidarity with the affected population groups.


Our Association has the mission to equip its institutional structure to respond to the emerging needs of people with high socio-economical vulnerability levels, to play a pro-active role in all stages of determining the needs of the groups we serve, to develop integrated and combined project approaches and implement humanitarian aid projects, to evaluate the feedback from the communities we serve and to functionalise the feedbacks as an important internal impulse in the way the institution operates and provides services. Within this framework, the principles of non-discrimination, transparency, impartiality, accountability and gender equality are adopted as the founding principles of YSYD in the context of national legislation and international humanitarian standards.


Please visit our website for more detailed information about our activities:


YSYD provides equal opportunity in employment and prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability. YSYD encourages all applicants to apply and does not practice any discrimination in any recruitment process. Our association is committed to conducting a fair and transparent recruitment process and ensuring that all candidates are treated and evaluated equally in this process. In this context, we would like to invite all bidders by sharing this job posting text in national media. In accordance with its main areas of activity, our association is looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated and dedicated candidates to be a part of our team for the position of Business Development Counselor.


  1. Job Brief


The main task of the Business Development Counselor is to provide mentorship support for the applicants for the completion of the business development plan. This position will be in charge of mentorship support for giving the final shape fort he final business development plans with the direct beneficiaries. The position will also be responsible of arranging the work plans for the team (business development counselor) in coordination with the project manager.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities of the Position:

The main duties and responsibilities of the Business Development Counselor can be summarized as follows:


  • To provide mentorship service towards the affected and interested persons of concern during their application stage
  • To provide coordinative effort for the team to ensure better efficiency for the daily tasks
  • To provide quality control of animal products and feedback to producers,
  • To provide information and suggestions in coordination with the target groups at every stage from feeding to the care of animals,
  • To assist veterinarians,
  • To make recommendations to target groups about the marketing and sales of milk and dairy products and to provide guidance for the search for suitable markets,
  • To provide information and guidance about appropriate equipment and methods in order to improve and facilitate the work capacities of target groups,
  • To have the ability to work and communicate on the axis of inclusiveness with producer families having high socio-economic vulnerability,
  • To organize awareness-raising activities for producers in order to ensure that the areas and courtyards where animals are sheltered are kept clean, tidy and well-maintained,
  • To work consistently with a high standard of attention to detail.


  1. General Responsibilities:


  • Acting actively by adhering to the founding principles and values of our association,
  • Taking active responsibility to protect and improve the well-being of children and adults with high levels of vulnerability in the field of activity,
  • Undertaking personal development of the members, which is deemed necessary for the development of the task and the individual,
  • Conducting work with a high standard of professionalism,
  • Maintaining regular communication with Team Members, supervisors and project manager via written and e-mail,
  • Monitoring beneficiary satisfaction and continuously carrying out research and development activities in the field of service for which we are responsible,
  • Regularly reviewing, adapting and improving project systems and procedures,
  • Supporting the association's commitment to the quality assurance of services, including self-evaluation studies among the target group,
  • To take proactive responsibility in the areas of Health and Safety, in coordination with the Project Manager, and to report accidents, incidents and other risk factors that may affect beneficiaries and team members.


  1. Required Qualifications:


  • Graduated from at least a Dairy and Livestock Associate's degree or a Veterinary Bachelor's degree program,
  • Having at least one year of work experience with small and medium-sized manufacturers,
  • Having the ability to work in a coordinated manner within a team structure, to cope with a flexible and stressful workload, and to work with limited resources,
  • To have theoretical knowledge and practical experience in animal breeding and health,
  • Having the ability to establish and maintain good business relationships in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment,
  • Have excellent analytical, organizational and facilitation skills,
  • Having strong problem solving and organizational skills,
  • Having a flexible and sensitive personality,

•   Having advanced interpersonal and communication skills in relationships at all levels, especially with beneficiaries and team members,

•   Having a positive and 'can-do' attitude when it comes to fulfilling duties and responsibilities related to the field of duty but in relatively new areas,

•   Having a high level of personal motivation and self-discipline in carrying out the activities for which he is responsible on time,


  1. Additional Responsibilities:

Depending on their level of skills and experience, the post-holder may occasionally have to perform additional tasks that are reasonable.






Yerel ve Sığınmacılarla Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma ve Destekleme Derneği (YSYD), bir sivil toplum kuruluşu olarak, mülteci hakları, doğal afetler, krizler, çatışmalar, insan hakları ihlallerinden etkilenmiş birey ve toplulukların ihtiyaçlarını, sorunlarını, yaşam koşullarının iyileştirilmesini ve temel gereksinimlerin karşılamalarına katkı sağlayan bir insani yardım kuruluşudur.
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